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  • Text-only design is good thing but you still have to design the layout.

    I think you can use page area and font sizing to make accent on the most important parts of the page.

    Navigation is hard to use.

    Post title, post category and post date have different “value” but you style them with the same font size, weight and family.

    It would be nice to add more space between non related elements and group related ones.
    (Here’s a nice article by A. Lebedev:

    If your posts list is so compact, why include only 10 items and make your visitor press the “Older” link? 46 lines of text with links to all posts wouldn’t hurt a user.

    Cheers )

    OK, now organizing the navigation with (HTML tag) DL. Font sizing tags
    would detract from accessibility (e.g., lynx). At most can use the
    STRONG tag, however now with DL, the contrast between linked text and
    non linked text should be enough (for the lined Archives: and

    When you mention “font size, weight and family” I must remind you that
    I am purposely not using any CSS, so all these are the browser
    defaults for HTML. I am only allowing myself to choose among e.g.
    STRONG, EM HTML tags.

    Post title, post category and post date:
    but I did make them different: H2, unlinked, and linked text,

    Why make user press the ‘older’ link so much?: Indeed, when spacebar
    would be fine… OK, upping limit to 20 per page. OK, thanks.

    Hey Jidanni,

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    OK, what is your is portal’s forum’s URL?
    All I see is “[signature moderated Please read the Forum Rules]”.



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Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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