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  • Thanks guy/girls. Am looking to make any improvements to make my site look a little more professional

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  • I like the zebra background for about 5-seconds then it makes me want to turn off my monitor.
    I like to overall site, but try to add lots more content such as videos, testimonials, tips, maps, and much more.

    Thanks for taking a look. Is the Zebra background that bad? I wanted something a little different from the other horse riding travel agents who are sticking to I guess “safe” bland colours. My girlfriend has written all the content herself and we wanted something a little different. I did manage to persuade her away from the pink menu bar which we had. THANKFULLY LOL!!

    She is busy working on the other countries. Argentina should be done in the next week. Thanks for the advice

    Well @ernguru your site is cool. I just want to take your attention to the loading time of your site. Its a bit high as I waited for some time for your site to be fully opened. May be removing some the heavy script will work for you. Other wise I like your zebra background too and your site also.

    Your site is pretty good. There are a few things you may want to consider though, especially involving the mobile aspect of your site. I visited your site on an iPad. This was the first thing I saw: . Do you see how the menu items are all off because you have so many? It doesn’t look very good. Second thing: your “Scroll to the top” thing. It looks like this on my iPad: . That being right in the middle kind of gets in the way of the content on the site, you know? If it were on the bottom left or right side, it might look a lot better. Third thing: your slider. On my iPad, it is very, very, VERY slow! It takes at least 5-10 seconds for it to get to the next image: . It also gets stuck sometimes. If you could make that more mobile friendly, that would be awesome. Fourth and final thing: scrolling on your site. Whenever I scroll on your site, there is some kind of lag almost where a size varying brown bar appears where I am scrolling. I wasn’t able to get a picture of this, but this proves to be very, very annoying.

    If you were to fix all of these things, I think you’d have a very professional site! Have fun and good luck!

    Hi Samuel
    I have changed the layout of the menu without the huge spaces so should all fit on one line now. I like the scroll to top and have had a lot of positive feedback from people I know saying its a handy button to have. I have also removed the wow slider and am now using the simple image slider. All the pics have been smushed with another plugin so are tiny, which should hopefully increase speed up the page load. Hopefully the scrolling should also work better now as well. If not am considering removing the zebra print. But will see. Please tell me if there is an improvement

    @ernguru Great!! I can easily see the improvement in your website. You site is loaded in less than a half of a sec.Your site is now looking more attractive and informative too. So it proves you really done some great changes to your site. Congrats on this….

    Hi tgsb thanks for your kind words. I must admit that I much prefer the simple slider than the wow slider.

    Here is some advice for any other wordpress site owners. I found the main reason for my site loading so slowly was because every time I make a change to the site and save it, it saves a fresh copy of your page, there clogging the server that you are hosted on. The plugin I used is called Better Delete Revision. I found that I had over 900 other pages that were saved. Once I ran the plugin and deleted these other pages my site went from taking close to 8 seconds to load to 1.7 seconds.

    Thanks Guys

    ernguru you may want to consider wp optimize. It is a free plugin which will delete revisions, optimize database and many more things.

    The header isn’t working for me. All that text on top with the same color palette really adds unnecessary noise.

    Overall not bad at all. At least in America Personalised is not a word and hopefully it should be personalized. If I am correct mis-spelled words kill the professional aspect. You have some nice ideas!

    Thanks and Personalised is the British Spelling

    Your site is very nice indeed, wish I could of seen the zebra background. 😉

    I noticed your menu text is pushed to the left side of the nav contaner.
    This bit of code will give a little space there.

    .main-navigation li {
    margin: 0 20px;

    I noticed a mixture of rem & px in your css so use what your comfortable with. By having margin on both the left and right it pushes away from the nav containers edge.

    I think it looks great overall 🙂

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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