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  • I have a new blog, using a customized version of the tulip-time theme.
    I would like feedback on the overall look, functionality, content, or anything else that strikes someone more knowledgeable than myself as off or needing a change.


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  • A few suggestions…

    In both IE and FF, container-right is off-center of column3. Decrease the margin-left size in your css to fix that. However, that might not fix the big problem.

    The big problem is seen in IE, where column3 is pushed down below the post content column, column1. You may have to adjust its width and/or that of the lefthand column, column2, to get it to display correctly, as well as look balanced.

    You may want to rename the “up to content” link to something like “To Top”. And, instead of using a right arrow (»), “»“, you might want to use an up arrow (↑), “↑” there.

    Also, in both IE and Firefox, the footer is borked. It is a bit too far to the right. You’ll probably need to reduce the margin in your css to get it to line up with the right side of the left column, column2.

    First, thank you so much for taking the time to look at my site and share your feedback. Very helpful, and much appreciated.

    After a couple of hours (I’m new to this, remember) of going through the code and experimenting with different margins, I found the solution to the “big problem” you pointed out.

    It turns out the Amazon showcase widget was exceeding the width allowed for column3, pushing the whole thing way down the page. Which is upsetting, since I thought the baskets were probably the funniest part of the page. Is there a way to set the width of specific widgets using CSS, or will I have to play with (and break, most likely) the code for the widget itself?

    As for the centering problems, it turned out this was caused by an incorrectly sized background image in column3. Everything seems to be nice and symmetrical now.

    Thanks again.

    have a look here:

    Thanks for pointing me to that tool. Looks like it will come in handy (and make more work for me).

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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