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  • Hi People of WordPress,

    I have just set-up my new wp blog for my main site.
    It is for posting the latest updates like free wordpress themes and other graphicons freebies that can be downloaded on my main site. Also for my own blog entries whether is personal or just for funnzies.

    Please feel free to comment or critic my blog, as any suggestions will be much appreciated.

    Thank You =D

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  • It’s cool but i think it’s a little poor for a template/design blog

    Hi Blurper,

    Thank you for the comment. Hmmmm I will think of how to make it better hmmmmm

    Your website looks great, professional and clean too. and Clear. I like it.

    Hi Peoney,

    Thank you very much!! I am still thinking how to insert a few more design elements without interfering the overall feel hmmmmmmmm

    I liked your site as is, very clean look and feel, and doesn’t distract the user away from the themes you are advertising.

    If you were going to change anything, I would find another way to display, the recent categories etc on your sidebar, maybe just use a jquery plugin such as –

    Other than that, I think the design is fine, and branded to your main domain well 😉

    Hi Mentalist3d,

    That’s an excellent suggestion, thanks a lot 😀

    And Thank you even more for the feedbacks & compliments. I will check the jquery plugin out, this will definitely further improve the visitors navigational experience.

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    Your website looks great and feel right. you should add a footer to your blog.

    Hi Natural,

    Thank you for the feedback.

    Just to check, I already have a small footer at the bottom, are you suggesting to put some designs on it?

    Any recommended comments captcha plugin for my blog? Receiving tonnes of spams ever since. Or maybe which comments spam prevention method do you all use? ^^

    Hmmn. Ever considered getting a full background? The red background you currently have just stops short in the middle of your latest post. After that it’s all white… perhaps a full red background? Might improve the look because of the contrast. And I like how it looks from the top 🙂

    The logo. It’s a bit plain don’t you think? You can do better with a more striking one 🙂

    Also try increasing your post title’s font. When I see your posts the thing that catches my attention are the images. And I really don’t get it fast with just the images. So maybe if your post title’s font is a bit bigger they would catch my attention instead.

    On the sidebar you can try increasing the text font too (too small) and perhaps remove the underline on the links. Just try it out. I bet it would look more ‘clean’.

    That’s all I can think of for now. Nice themes in your collection btw.

    Hi BlogDesignTeam,

    Thank you very much for your feedbacks and suggestions!

    I will try to work on the blog this weekend with the suggestions given here.

    Thanks a lot all!

    Was working hard for these past 2 weeks and didn’t have time to do any enhancement to the blog : (

    Will find time this week or the next so that I can implement the suggestions/feedbacks given here.

    Sorry guys and thank you all again.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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