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  • I’m not too impressed by the theme but I checked out some of the comic stips and they’re pretty funny in a subtle kinda way (I mean that in a good way). Keep it up.

    Good content with a so-so theme is definately better than poor content with an outstanding theme.

    What don’t you like about the theme? Thanks for your input.

    It’s not an ugly theme or anything, it’s just very plain. But I suppose it does get the job done efficiently.

    I do like the way things are laid out though, such as the social bookmarking links right under the comic strip.

    Yeah, I was thinking of adding some icons and other flair. I would have used icons for the social bookmarking, but that’s from feedburner, so I can’t control it.

    I actually like the look. Seems to work well with the comic’s “style”.

    Thanks. I added some icons anyway. I keep thinking there’s some feature that’s missing. In previous versions of the site, I had the search on the front page, and a calendar. Is there something I’ve overlooked?

    I don’t think you’re missing any features. In fact you’ve got plenty of useful features (I like the recent comments section).

    I was just thinking, I visit a few comic strip websites a couple times per week, and I realized most of them don’t even have great looking websites. It’s the content that keeps me coming back.

    So in my opinion, just focus on your content. Your theme, while plain looking, is still very effective. If you want to experiment with different color scheme or whatever, go ahead, but you shouldn’t do anything drastic.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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