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  • I would center the links in your NavBar, move and center the Facebook button above the Search Box (partly to help make the Search Box more noticeable) and either slow the slider down a bit or find a way to make it hold until the page is loaded. Overall, however, nice job!

    The top nav bar needs a little padding so that the H of Home isn’t touching the edge of the pink box.

    Hi Guys

    Thanks for the tips. From someone who has no clue on how to program just read a lot of what everyone suggests, I think I’m doing pretty well. Ok I have moved the facebook linky above the search bar. Easy just just order in the widgets. Now this is where I’m smiling. Ok so I have firebug installed and right clicked on the menu bar and inspected with firebug. So up the Swahili comes. I realise that this is reading from the twenty twelve original theme and then the style.css etc in the child theme overwrites things. Cool so I found the menu bar stuff and could see it was pointing to the left so managed to copy those lines and paste them into the child theme, changed left to center and hey presto.
    Thanks guys. Oh and about the pink SORRY it wasn’t my choice. Its the girlfriends site

    left soon as i seen what it was about

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    @michaelray, It’s fine that you don’t like the content of the website but was there any other feedback you could give that @ernguru could improve on?

    Newsletter widget looks odd… need to improve that. provide it a great look.need gap between name (text) and textarea portion.

    and one thing more i would like to mention that the gallery on right side looks good. but when we click on that moves to a blank page with image. you need to improve that portion like a popup, when someone click on that image a popup preview of that image need to take place.

    I think it looks great, I’d love to horseride there!

    I like slider. Is it a plugin? I really want to use one of my website, if it is simple to use.

    I have a review site and I think that I should change its theme..
    My site is [ deleted, please post your own Your WordPress topic ]

    Though your blog looks good but i would suggest you to improve the main navigation. Also add Google Plus circles in your blog.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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