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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    XHTML Strict ?
    You have 39 errors.

    Why did you remove the line in the header that specifically says “Please leave for stats” ? You like surveys, yet won’t let that info out ?

    Disagree about the topic too.

    Sorry this is my first time using WordPress. I will look into the errors. Could they have came in with the template?

    Ok, found that missing line, it had been removed in the template. I think this template is a little buggy, which could be causing the problems and errors.

    Why do you disagree about the topic?


    “Why do you disagree about the topic?”
    The thread title states “interesting topic”. It’s not.

    BTW, this really ought to have been posted to the “Your WordPress” forum. Don’t suppose you fancy moving it, do you Podz?

    [Update: Looks like the same thread has already been posted to the Your WP forum]

    “Could they have came in with the template?”
    Could be. What template are you using?

    I am sorry. I am totally new to this. I will try to delete this post myself. Not sure if I can.

    I guess I should have put “interesting topic?” I thought the topic was interesting and people would want to know if the system work before dumping money into them.


    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    “people would want to know if the system work before dumping money into them.”

    It doesn’t.

    Well I didn’t know that and I am sure others do not either. I couldn’t find any site warning me away only tons of sites pushing the services like drugs. I thought this would be a fresh look.

    What do you think people would want to know?



    The entire field seems to be scams except for one I know genuine, some university dude pays money for his research. However AFAIK you would have to answer *really* lengthy surverys for few dollars. And then you have to regularly check your emails to find out email from him. He offers on first come basis and it gets filled up very very soon.

    Your time may be better spent elsewhere 🙂

    “What do you think people would want to know?”

    This is a support forum, not a marketing platform. So I think people will want to know specifically what question your post asks–certainly that’s what nearly all the other messages on this board use as the topic title. To call it interesting for yourself doesn’t add any information, everyone who posts thinks their message is interesting or they wouldn’t bother with it. Then to come in with snide responses to someone who posts helpful answers here constantly and who did in his initial response to you, makes me think you have a strange definition of interesting and useful and that what you want is fawning praise rather than constructive feedback.

    Thanks for the warning, but is it me or shouldn’t everyone be warned about them all be scams?

    I am going to re-think this. Might do 1 or 2 just to show the people how it doesn’t work and then stop it.

    Normally with anything – “If its too good to be true…” dictum holds. Survey-for-dollars falls under the same category.

    The normal scam is that one site will leads to scores of others and finally you have to buy something to get some points and subscribe to even more sites … ad infinitum.

    How can I edit the title or remove this thread, I didn’t realize this was the wrong forum.


    You can’t – just let it die a natural death….

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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