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  • Very nice and clear. Great layout.

    I really like it a lot.

    there’s a little lack of contrast between the body text and the headers and meta/navigation/technical which i imagine could easily be addressed with color or size.

    your print experience shows, and this is a pleasure to read and see.

    thanks for sharing.

    Works great on a mac, safari, firefox, mozilla.

    Thanks for th input dss and jwurster!

    very nice!

    your theme brings up a dreaded question: what is the best width for a webpage?

    It certainly doesn’t fit into 800px wide – but what width do MOST people use?

    I hope we will all be able to download your theme someday in the future.

    Thanks for the input. I actually just used the Bionic Jive theme and the Semiologic theme, tweaked them together and added a column to the left. I don’t think anyone would want to use what I have done seeing that I have basically duct taped it together.

    About the width — I figured it wouldn’t be long before most people would have high resolution monitors.

    The majority of web surfers are on 1024×768, although there is still a fairly good-sized chunk of masochists holding out at 800×600. I think the vast majority of this website’s target demographic are using at leasrt 1024 screen res.

    Nice job, although I feel like there is far too much content on the page for me to really focus on anything. The fact that there aren’t any contrasting colors to separate content (even the links are the same color as the rest of the text) makes it all kind of bleed together.

    I’m also a bit confused by the navigation. There is a vertical nav on the left side (nicely done with rollover graphics) and then a text based horizontal menu toward the top right. Why is it separated?

    Lots of content. Maybe you could trim it down. Do we really need to see the Weather in D.C.?

    It’s a great start, just pare down some of the content and try to separate things with a bit of color, and I think it will be top notch.

    Thanks for the critique — I’ll work on seperating out the info with more color.

    Sweet! I think it looks very professional and eye catching. Can’t give you a critque further than that because I am just a noob.

    Thanks Donald — hopefully we’ll be writing about your acting career sometime in the future.

    It looks good! I especially like the sidebar.

    Very nice theme. In IE there is a small break between the header and the rest. Although the theme is optimized for FF there are still people using IE 🙂

    Any chance you will share it with wordpress community?

    I’d love to share it but It would take lots of time and work to make it ready for public use. And, unfortunately time is something I have very little of these days. Thanks for the nice comments.


    i would consider assisting you with the time issue and making it available to the WP community.

    designpastor at gmail dot com

    That is a fantastic site. Wonderfully done!

    don (el paso)

    Design Pastor —

    Thanks for the offer — that would be great. What do I need to get to you?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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