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  • I have paid for 2 of the premium add-ons for sliced invoices.

    The documentation for these addons is pretty limited, and the functionality quite confusing, especially the scheduled invoice extension.

    I have 2 open tickets on your paid support system, one of which has received no response for 7 days. I note however that your have responded to this review site within the last 5 days ?!?

    It does not appear to me as a customer that you are committed to providing the support for your paid extensions that your marketing suggests. I note from other comments you have posted that you are resource limited. I don’t see this as a reasonable excuse unless you state this upfront before taking payment.

    Please will you respond to your support tickets. I will not provide the exact details of my tickets, as I don’t think I deserve any greater attention than every other ticket that is open.

    This is an excellent plugin, and I write this review only because I want to keep using it. What responses I have had from your support in the past have been excellent.

    But I would like much more documentation on the paid extensions, and the support needs to respond reliably to tickets if it is to be used a serious, business enabling product.

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  • Plugin Author SlicedInvoices


    I’m sorry you are frustrated with our support response time. We have a huge number of requests right now and we’re doing the best we can.

    I can’t discern from your username here on which tickets are yours. Could you please email me at your ticket numbers so I can look into them?

    I’m personally troubled by some of the things you’ve said in your review. Are we resource limited? Absolutely. Is that a reasonable excuse? I have no idea. But let me give you some context. A year ago Sliced Invoices was just a 1-man operation — myself, while juggling a day job. Back then we had maybe around 600 or so active users. Today we have over 3000 active users, and more being added all the time. In March 2017 I was able to bring someone on board to help with the support load, making us the 2-man team we are now. Finally in October (4 months ago) I quit my full time developer job so I could focus 100% on Sliced Invoices. (Doing this meant I was taking a huge pay cut, and literally gambling my ability to support myself and my family on the future success of Sliced Invoices. If you think about it that’s a pretty scary position to be in, since there’s no guarantee how many purchases we will get each month, or if we’ll even turn a profit at all.)

    So here we are, 2 guys trying our absolute best to keep up with all our support demands, which requires a lot more time to answer than most people realise. Since about the beginning of this year, the number of support requests coming in each day has been greater than the number of requests we can answer each day, and yes the wait times are stacking up. I hate it as much as you do. I’ve been spending so much time on support, the momentum I had for actually developing the plugin has ground to halt… which is why there have been no updates so far this year. I hate that too, because the whole reason I’m in this business is because I want to develop the best invoicing platform for WordPress… and I don’t even have time for development right now! I’ve already quit my day job, and I’ve already hired as much help as I can afford. I’m slogging it out every day just doing customer support… and it’s still not enough.

    What more would you have me do, that I haven’t already done?

    Really at this point we desperately need a 3rd person to help us clear the support backlog. But unless someone wants to volunteer to be our newest support engineer for free, there is absolutely no way on earth we can pay for that right now. (We have no investors, no venture capital, I’m 100% bootstrapping this business from the ground up.)

    We are resource limited in terms of time, and we are resource limited in terms of money. I can’t put any more time into the day, and I can’t print money. So, again, what would you have me do? Do I halt all sales until we clear the support backlog? Do I post a big red warning on the site that says we’re experiencing a high level of requests and scare off potential customers? Do I give up and shut down the plugin, as other plugin developers have done when the support demands became to great? Or do I hunker down and just keep answering requests as fast as I can, and hope and pray that we catch up at some point?

    Do I watch our reviews page like a hawk? You bet I do. Nothing will put us out of business faster than bad reviews, especially the one we got a few days ago to which I replied. In that particular review he raised the red “security” flag, which is really scary, over nothing more than a misunderstanding about the options available to him. I’m sorry if his review was answered faster than your support tickets, but a review like that endangers everything I’ve worked so hard to try and build here — so you bet I dropped everything and answered it the moment I saw it.

    Just like I am doing now to answer your review. Your review is not so terrible… you are understandably frustrated about our paid support time. To that all I can say is, I’m sorry, and we’re doing the best we can, which is the truth. But when you say that I am “not committed” to providing support, when I’m literally pouring everything I have into support… it hurts a bit. And I’m only human, so here I am again dropping everything to answer a review.

    And yes, I would love to have more and better documentation to offer on our site. I’m painfully aware that our documentation could be better. I add to it whenever I can. But when I have 241 open support tickets (that’s the actual count as of right this moment), documentation is yet another task that sadly has to wait.

    David Grant
    Developer of Sliced Invoices

    Thanks for the comprehensive reply.

    Can I suggest that you somehow set our expectations when we submit tickets so we know how long it is currently taking to receive a response. The above reasoning would be well received as well.

    Your plugin is pitched at small business owners (like me) who will probably get what its like to start out in business and be sympathetic and patient, and make arrangements with confidence you will reply within that time frame.

    When you don’t communicate – we will just assume you are another rogue plugin developer who has just ripped us off and has no intention of replying.

    If I were to receive an email from you sent to currently waiting ticket holders that sets expectations, I would be prompted to revise this review.

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