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  • Amulet


    I saw a few different plugins for adding keywords. Just to be clear on what I want, I want to be able to add keywords for each post. Which plugin do you recommend? Thank you.

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  • swordfish


    I am also looking for one.
    My idea is like adding a different page description and keywords too.
    and the so called “tags” too.
    Please advise.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Not used this, just know it exists:

    Plugin Name: Jerome's Keywords
    Plugin URI:
    Version: 1.8
    Description: Allows keywords to be associated with each post. These keywords can be used for page meta tags, included in posts for site searching or linked like Technorati tags.
    Author: Jerome Lavigne
    Author URI:



    To follow up on Podz’s post. I’m using Jerome’s plugin on my site and would definitely give it my full recommendations.




    I Just want to ask you guys who are using this.
    I saw at many places something like “tags”. Very similar to what this forums uses for search.
    They generate pages like this:
    That URL is generated by the tags we give to the pages and in that page, all posts which have the tag “software” will be listed.

    Does this plugin serve that?



    Swordfish, I use Jerome’s Keywords on my site and cannot recommend it highly enough. Yes, it does generate URLs in that style.



    tqn69, i have installed the plugin.
    But the meta keywords tag dosent display in the post page.

    Also, how do i display the tags in the posts and also a section like
    Something like this:

    Please guide me with that.



    swordfish, to display the tags in your posts like I do at, I did this:

    In your theme’s post.php, insert this line, <?php the_post_keytags(); ?> below the existing line, <?php the_content(); ?>.

    To display tags in a section, you could create a new Page. Then, assuming that you have RunPHP installed, I imagine that you could insert this line of code into the Page:

    all_keywords('<a href="/blog/tag/%keylink%" style="font-size: %count%px">%keyword%</a>', '<a href="%keylink%" style="font-size: 12px ;font-variant: small-caps">%keyword%</a>', 10, 20)

    To put that “tag cloud” into your sidebar, like I did, you’d put the following code into your theme’s sidebar.php:

    <h2>Keywords: </h2>
    <ul><li><?php all_keywords('<a href="/blog/tag/%keylink%" style="font-size: %count%px">%keyword%</a>', '<a href="%keylink%" style="font-size: 12px ;font-variant: small-caps">%keyword%</a>', 10, 20) ?></li></ul>

    I hope that helps!



    tqn69, that really helps.

    Thanks a lot.

    I need little more help.
    I am using this code:
    <quickphp all_keywords(‘%keyword%‘, ‘%keyword%‘, 10, 20); />
    and the result is this:

    Is there a way to increase the font? or the font will increase by itself as the keywords get more used?

    And how can i remove repeated keywords? if the keyword and a category are same, it will display 2 times?



    Glad it’s working for you, swordfish.

    Increase font? I think the “10, 20” parameters displays “the links so that the least-used have a font-size of [10] pixels and the most-used are [20] pixels,” according to the documentation at So to increase the font, just increase those parameters.

    I don’t know how to remove repeated keywords. Yes, I think that if you have the same keyword & category, it’ll show twice. So I just avoid duplicating them.



    Cool!! I can increase the font now.
    But I have to find some way out of the auto link plugin linking in the tag list and the repetition of keywords.

    If you have any ideas, just let me know.

    Thanks for the help Buddy.



    Jerome’s Keywords seems to be working great. Thanks again!

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