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  • I made the mistake of signing up with Netfirms and now, having been bit once by marketing ploys, I would like some of the members here to recommend a good hosting solution. I run a WP blog but I need the ability to host another domain for my wife, possibly a thrid. Something reliable and compatable and not outrageeously priced (like Networksolutions and such). I don’t need a truck-load of bandwidth either, all my sites are small and only get 3-400 hits a day.

    I’ve looked into all the hosts listed on the Hosting page, they seem okay. And I’ve checked out, which was highly recommended by others, but they are not accepting any new signups, which makes me think that they aren’t in it for the long haul. I would like a good host that has been around for a while with a good reputation. it seems that this is a hard thing to find. If my ISP would let me host my own, I would, but c’est la vie.

    Thanks in advance. I will look at all recommendations, so please voice your opinions, suggestions, experiences.

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  • “but they are not accepting any new signups, which makes me think that they aren’t in it for the long haul.”

    I have no affliation with ASO (not even as a customer) but in my view, that sounds like sensible hosting; if anything, it suggests that they’re playing for the long game instead of short-term cash. I’ve only heard good things about them.

    Personally, I use Dreamhost for my blog and I’ve been happy with them. Very reasonably priced, straightforward to configure and well matched for my needs; your mileage may vary, of course.

    I use and recommend Real Web Hosting:

    Always someone around for support. You can email them or IM them via AOL/AIM. Good prices and various offers

    I have not yet signed up, but I’ve been looking at InMotion Hosting –

    I would recommend siteground.
    Their support are really fast, I got most of my problem solved within 5 minutes, minor problems though.

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    er…don’t know how the mods will feel about using a referral link

    hosts I’ve seen recommended in many places:

    “er…don’t know how the mods will feel about using a referral link”

    As mentioned in my comment above, please do not include any referral/affiliate links; it’s bad form, intellectually dishonest and will be moderated away upon sight.

    I use hxxp://

    They are pretty good, at least I have never had any problems. Any problems that have been caused by me they are always pleasent and fix it for me 🙂 There are discounts given to members of hxxp://

    They are as cheap as chips

    Honestly, rather than asking for which webhost is good, I think you should ask which hosts to avoid instead.

    There are a large number of hosts which would satisfy you, but not others and vice versa.

    So far I’ve been 1&1, WebAxxs, Bluehost, Dreamhost, and now WebHostingBuzz.

    Of my previous hosts, I felt Dreamhost did the best job, the others weren’t up to par.

    But then Dreamhost began having a crazy number of outages during the latter part of my stay and I decided not to renew my account and moved house instead.

    WebHostingBuzz so far has been good enough.


    site5 has been pretty darn reliable since I signed up earlier this year and moved over to them. I’ve tried 1and1 and dreamhost, both also decent, but 1and1 is a huge company (like godaddy) that from a hosting standpoint is just trying to maximize their brand and servers, and dreamhost while having extensive features didn’t have the ‘ease of use’ that I found site5 building. Price for value brought me to them. You can find better for more money, I’m sure — but I’ve seen cheaper, and more expensive, offerings that didn’t hold up.


    I first found out about site5 over at sitepoint, at it seems to be a hosting company geared towards web professionals, so you’ll probably be pretty good hosting with them

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    asmallorange. For what you want – ASO every time.

    Site5 ….. I daren’t say what I think about them – I’d need to moderate the comment out of existence.

    (Of the hosts on the Hosting page now, I don’t recall any complaints here about Bluehost or Laughing Squid. They have both been there since the page was published first. AN Hosting is relatively new to that page)

    yeah. bluehost gets good reviews.

    stay the heck away from yahoo hosting. they have the worst conrol panel in the history of mankind and it’s nearly impossible to get things working without problems

    I’ll back Podz on ASO. 😀 I’ve been pretty happy with them since he turned me on to them. Very friendly and helpful customer serice. Very afordable. I really don’t have any complaints.

    Many thanks everyone. I think I’ve narrowed it down to ASO or Dreamhost (many people on a mailing list i’m on highly recommend the latter) but… gosh, I just don’t know. ( I should mention that MT is a close third, but a pricey one.)

    ASO is such a new company, only two years in operation… that worries me a bit. Their services and pricing sound greet, but i can go to Dreamhost, get even more and (w/coupon) get it for only $22 (for the first) year and a free domain. I know Dreamhost is overselling, but boy is that hard to pass up. Dreamhost has been around since 1996, as I understand it, and many people who recommended them have been with them for 5+ years.

    It seems to always be the same story: everyone likes their hosting until something bad happens, then they hate it. It’s just a matter of time. And, as far as the time test goes, Dreamhost wins hands down.

    Okay, great advice here….still thinking… still reading.

    You don’t need what dreamhost offers you. I know of a network with over 100 sites, some of them running mega traffic, and it uses about 300 GB of bandwidth a month. It’s unlikely you’ll ever hit 5, unless you’re a really great blogger.

    You’ll also probably never need even 1 GB of disk space. You’ll also notice that while dreamhost is 50/50 on their reviews, it’s nearly impossible to find a bad review of ASO…

    I’d recomment them

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