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  • This is a continuation of the thread suddenly closed.

    Guys, thank you very much for all your input and opinions.

    To sum it up:

    1. Register your domain name separately from your hosting, most recommendations, Godaddy. (I learned that after buying the Bluehost package. Damn. Thanks Bluehost for misleading me and making sure that I couldn’t get one of my domains back from you. 🙂

    2. I need a host that is wordpress friendly.

    3. I need a host that wouldn’t censor me or my commenters for cuss words like “shit, hell, what the f*ck, or “vulgar” words like sex(even if you are referring to gender, etc…) and wouldn’t shut down the site without prior warning.

    4. I need a host that wouldn’t shut down the site without prior warning and doesn’t spam your email.

    5. I need a host that wouldn’t shut down your site or block it if they decide that some words go against “their morals”. Such as suddenly deciding that “poker” is a banned word even if when you signed up, it wasn’t in the TOS yet.

    6. I need a host that doesn’t promise so much features only to find out that when you really use these features they will shut down your account without warning…such as using up the XXXX GB of space or bandwidth promised to you. (As for space, Bluehost said they will only give me the current offered space only when I use up the previous space alloted to me when I signed up for the account. I’m afraid of what would happen when I finally ask for that “automatic upgrade” from what people have been saying in their experiences.)

    7. I need a host that has good customer service support only at the beginning of your subscription to them. In other words, a host that doesn’t have declining customer “service”.

    8. I need a host that doesn’t have too many downtime.

    I’ve read all the suggestions but it would help to have a summary or a list now.

    Please suggest shared hosting and/or dedicated servers. For beginners and for future expansion of wordpress blog/s. It would be great if you share your experiences.

    Thank you!

    To the moderator samboll please do not close this topic. Why did you close the last topic? It wasn’t resolved yet. I have lost a lot of money already as we speak, to Bluehost. My 2 year plan is already down to 250 days and I still haven’t made use of Bluehost because of their service. This thread is not a vendetta and I am a Christian who goes to church twice a week without fail in case you closed the previous topic on the basis that I wrote that I want a host that wouldn’t censor you for cuss words. That’s just a precaution. I don’t want a host that would also censor me in case I post zealous religious posts. I also have a site dealing with animal welfare and I do not want to be censored about it. Do you get my drift? So please let the users say their experience here. I’m losing money and I need as much experience on hosting wordpress from the forumers as soon as possible. I hope you understand that. Thank you.

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