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  • This plugin works wonderfully, however it can interfere with a lightbox. This interfered with my plugin [ commercial link redacted ] . More than worse, instead of my lightbox not only working, where my lightbox would normally popup, instead it now tries to load my lightbox but can’t and then takes the user directly to the image URL. So now not only does my lightbox not work, neither are my files protected if someone clicks on it from within my site. The directory itself cannot be browsed though which is what the plugin does well.

    So now, after deactivating (then eventually deleting) the [Secure Folder wp-content/uploads] plugin, the empty index files still remain in my wp-content/uploads directories (ALL OF THEM).

    Worse then, I can’t see the invisible files in my ftp to delete the empty index files (using Forklift) which may be a bug of Forklift though and not something like Filezilla.

    So, I had to go into my hosting provider cpanel to use it’s FTP in hopes to see the empty index files and delete… wheww! Glad I can see them there.

    So the worst part (which is not so bad for me) is that I have to go into every wp-content/uploads directory and delete the empty index files and then clear my browser cache, so I can see my lightbox work again which worked.

    If anyone has a whole lot of directories in wp-content/uploads and you use this plugin and it interferes with your lightbox, your are going to have quite a bit of unnecessary work added to your day in deleting the empty index files.

    This was as of 12/03/12.
    Please fix this bug so the plugin deletes it’s empty index files that it creates when the plugin is deactivated or deleted.

    Could be a very very very big problem for someone else.

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