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    The 404page plugin does not work properly for you? Sorry for that. You may rest assured that I do my best to make this plugin useable in as many cases as possible. I can guarantee that it works with all WordPress versions since 3.0 and I’m testing it regularly together with a bunch of themes and plugins. But due to the enormous number of plugins and themes out there it is not possible to ensure it works in any case.

    Please bear in mind that it is not possible for me to guess what causes the problem in your specific configuration. To make life easier for me please follow these simple steps:

    1 Update everything

    Please make sure you’re using the latest version of WordPress, of your theme and of all active plugins including this one. If for any reason you have to use an older version of anything please point to that in your topic.

    2 Check plugin compatibility

    Please deactivate all plugins except 404page and test again. If everything works fine then reactivate the plugins one by one and test each step. If the problem occurs again when you activate a plugin, deactivate this one again and test all the others to make sure it is the only one that causes problems. If you figured out which plugin causes the problem you’re maybe able to live without that one. If not, let me know and I’ll try to fix it. Please post a link to the plugin page to avoid renewing questions.

    3 Check theme compytibility

    Please switch to a WordPress default theme temporarily and test again. If the problem is caused by your theme, let me know and I’ll try to fix it. Please post a link to the theme page to avoid renewing questions.

    4 Check theme / plugins combo

    Sometimes problems only occur if a particular theme and a particular plugin are used together. So please repeat step 2 with a WordPress default theme activated.

    5 Check this forum

    After ascertaining the reason of your problem please check this forum. Maybe the problem already was reported by somebody else. Feel free to join an existing conversation but please do not create another topic for the same problem.

    6 Be exact

    When creating a new topic please describe your problem as accurately as possible. Tell me, what you’ve tried already. Let me know, which theme and/or plugin causes the problem. Post links to the regarding theme and/or plugin. Describe the effect! What does “not work”? Does the 404 error page not display at all? Or does it look different? Are there error messages? Post a link to your website!

    7 Please post in english

    You maybe noticed that I’m a native german speaker but I do my best to write in english to make this readable for everyone. Please do also! Your topic may help others!

    8 Be patient

    It is my personal concern to solve every single issue as fast as possible. But my time is limited and I can’t perform miracles. Feel free to request about the current status but please don’t be impatient.

    9 Answer

    Please answer if I ask for something.

    10 Review

    If I was able to help you please help me and write a short review!

    Best regards,

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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