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  • Plugin Author David Anderson


    This forum is for support for UpdraftPlus. Welcome!

    Firstly, the WordPress general forum welcome. Note especially the paragraph “Where To Post”.

    If you have purchased a product or support from UpdraftPlus.Com, then you should go there instead. WordPress.Org rules do not allow their forums to be used for external products.

    For free users, before asking a question here, you should first do the following things:

    • Read the Frequently Asked Questions. Note that there’s a link on that short page to a much bigger FAQ list hosted at
    • Checked that you are running the latest version of UpdraftPlus (check the “Updates” page in your WordPress dashboard)
    • Checked that you are running a supported version of WordPress: WordPress 3.2 or later, and NOT WordPress Multisite (a.k.a. a WordPress Network – you will know if you are running Multisite, as it takes specific and technical effort to set up – it is supported by UpdraftPlus Premium).
    • Got a question to do with a problem you’ve found in UpdraftPlus, not for something else (e.g. your web hosting setup, or setting up an Amazon account, or another plugin, or WordPress in general, or you’re just generally curious about some part of UpdraftPlus but do not really have any problem).

    If you do not qualify, and do not already have paid support available, then you can buy paid support for UpdraftPlus here, or get it as part of a purchase of UpdraftPlus Premium, here.

    Also, let’s all please be nice to each other. If something’s broken then it’s not because we hate you. If you want commercial support, then please just buy it… here, you are in the “at-discretion free support” channel, and should harbour expectations accordingly.

    If you are making money from WordPress, then, whilst we’re always happy to receive bug or problem reports from anyone so that we can improve the product, we’d love you to take a look at UpdraftPlus Premium – it’s what makes it possible for us to provide this product for anyone.

    Finally – if your problem gets fixed, then please do give us a good review – this help us to get more users and customers, which funds the improvement of UpdraftPlus for everyone!

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  • I’ve been running updraft. I have a large txt file that is supposed to be the backup.
    now i find that it’s gone and I should have been using updraft plus.
    can anyone guide me in making a restore from an Updraft text file?

    it’s wonderfull plugin !!!!
    and free, i saw him cery long , perfect solution !!!

    dekarz Poznań – Paul Vandyk

    I am running WP 4.1 with Updraftplus free version. Wordfence is warning : “This file belongs to plugin “UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore” version “1.9.51” and has been modified from the file that is distributed by for this version.”

    This is generated by the check that verifies the version installed compared to the version on for download.

    How do I verify that the version I have is correct?


    David C



    My website landing page is blank – it just shows a hyperlink: WordPress backups by UpdraftPlus – which leads to UpdraftPlus website.

    Yesterday, my host reinstalled last week’s back-up – no result.

    WP and all plug ins are up-to-date. I deleted UpdraftPlus – no result, and re-installed it – no result.

    All other pages are accessible, just my landing page – i.e. possible customers/clients cannot access my website.

    Need a fast response on this please. The UpdraftPlus website that customers now access thru my site has no contact facility to the organisation at any level to make a complaint or enquiry unless I make a purchase – not good.

    I’d appreciate anyone’s help on this, thanks.

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Forum moderator

    If you’re using the UpdraftPlus plugin as distributed on, please make sure to create a thread on this plugin’s support section:

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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