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  • So many sites are being crashed because of Ithemes Security.
    and they dont seem to care..

    I have removed all my Ithemes security plugins and replaced them with Wordfence.

    If you are getting no help from Ithemes then I suggest you do the same..

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  • I’m having the same issue. I upgraded to the latest version, and I noticed lots of Fatal error: Out of memory errors. Disable the plugin, and the problem so far seems to be gone.

    yep see over a week and still no response from Ithemes


    According to the FAQ section in the readme.txt file:

    = Where can I get help if something goes wrong? =
    * Official support for this plugin is available for iThemes Security Pro customers. Our team of experts is ready to help.

    Free support may be available with the help of the community in the support forums (Note: this is community-provided support. iThemes does not monitor the support forums).

    yea and…???
    So they screw up their plugin, crash many people sites, and dont come and say hey here is a fix or do this to fix it..

    Too back have moved all my sites to another better plugin.
    Oh and the other plugin IS SUPPORTED


    First of all I’m not part of the iThemes gang.
    So there is no point in wining to me.

    Second of all I’m not the enemy. In fact I totally agree with you.

    Ask yourself this question:

    Should host a free plugin from a commercial company that states in the readme.txt file that they “do not monitor the support forums” ?

    Which isn’t entirely true by the way. They do occasionally respond to some topics (even though there is hardly any follow up when they do). Especially when a new version is released they suddenly show some interest in issues being reported … The thing is any issues reported in the FREE plugin will also be an issue in the paid for PRO plugin offering them an opportunity to improve their PRO plugin.

    So basically they use the feedback from this forum when it suits them best.
    Which I think says a lot of how iThemes does business.

    This may sound a bit unthankful towards iThemes. So I just hurry to say this is a pretty decent security plugin which is still entirely FREE. And that is appreciated. However it does have a few quircks and may need some tweaking in order to get it running properly.

    My earlier post was just to set the right expectation.
    You may be waiting for an answer for weeks or months that is never going to come.
    Pretty decent thing to do if you ask me.

    I humbly accept any thank you 😉

    Well pronl if your not part of the team then butt out.
    if you have something constructive to say then say it. just dont tell us what we already know..

    sounds like you are from the comments you are with them.
    I know very well what it is like in here but if they want happy customers they will tell us what is happening.

    And might I add the plug is useless if it is going to crash sites with no fix.
    And check the history, it is not just me

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    I’ll just repeat what I said before because it seems to me you missed that part:

    I’m not part of the iThemes gang.

    The fact that you have doubts about this says more about you than about me.

    I’m very well aware of the structural issues in this security plugin.
    There is a LOT of constructive stuff I could tell but I’ll save that
    for thankfull souls …

    Unsubscribed from this topic…

    (Which means there is no point in posting another response because I won’t be notified so I’ll never everrr read it … Thought I better mention that because you seem to be missing a lot ;-))

    i DID NOT miss it. but BUTT out

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