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  • I was very excited to see the services specifically for wordpress offered by AN Hosting which is one of the recommended hosts. But after I signed up and got the auto phone confirmation, I got no further information. They claim 24/7 support but I ultimately ended up leaving the chat window open almost 2 hours and no reply. I was on the phone for 15 minutes the first time and am on the phone now for what is approaching 20 minutes.

    I can’t even cancel because I never got a client ID.

    PLEASE…I know wordpress has no control over that, but could you PLEASE review your recommended hosts.

    Another thing I’d point out is that laughing squid, who I probably will go with, does not have “one button wordpress install.” They have good directions but it’s a lot more complicated than one button. I hope if this thread gets removed since I’m complaining about a hosting company that you will at least forward this information to whoever maintains the recommended hosts section. This is the worst service I’ve ever gotten on anything…and they should not be recommended.

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  • I use Dreamhost and MediaTemple for my hosting needs. I’ve found both to be pretty good.

    For One Click installs and a good community support, pick Dreamhost. These guys implement the latest versions of everything as soon as they come out.

    MediaTemple has great support. But they don’t implement the latest stuff. They like to wait out and see how it pans out. Which makes them more stabler than Dreamhost I suppose.

    Not that Dreamhost has given up on me yet. Plus it’s cheaper and lets you do a lot of things.

    I agree, the list does need some revisions as most of the hosts on the list there, are complete crap now.

    I use HostRocket and LiquidWeb for my hosting needs, they have been very reliable for me.

    My host does well too.

    AN Hosting is an absolutely “don’t do it” from my perspective. I’m looking for a new host after only a couple of months. Several outages, the latest this morning during my two heaviest traffic days of the month.

    I’ve only been with them two months and have had at least three outages long enough for me to discover them, call in, and wait for a solution.

    Just say NO NO NO to AN Hosting.

    I think periodic re-evaluation of recommended hosts is a great idea.
    About a month ago I looked at the list, made some comparisons, and went with Dreamhost. Apparently their customer base has grown more quickly than their server farms abilities to handle it. In 3+ weeks I never got 48 consecutive hours of normal performance. Pages wouldn’t load, or would take MINUTES. 403 forbidden errors, response to email support tickets took 24 hours plus, and form letters at that. Just an unimaginably bad experience. I pulled my site (not that one could tell, considering the downtime!) Friday. I’m looking hard at new providers. Its like jogging aimlessly around a minefield.


    What did you find out in your provider search? I have 1and1 and they’ve been pretty terrible. My blog always loads so slowly, and this morning it’s completely down again.



    You could try my host.
    Web hosting services by SiteGround

    They are not bad, mostly up, some good support, even some of their ‘paid’ services free when you demand it. Lots of tutorials, and a forum.

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