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  • I installed Gutenberg on a website in development, with a highly custom handmade landing page. When I edited that page and switched to “Raw HTML” view the display was completely trashed – some elements (empty anchor links) missing, breaks added, newlines missing – no way. Unusable for professionals.

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  • What, are you sure? I watched a a preview video of this thing. I think they’re heading in the wrong direction but I didn’t hear anything about the raw HTML part… That is not good at all. :/

    But I’ve been looking for a more lightweight solution anyway. I was browsing around in the directories in a untouched installation of WP, and there is as of right now 717 PHP-files.
    Then add your plugins to that too.

    I understand that WP is a complex script but people should ask themselves if they really need to use this resource eating hog.

    Hi @axelsson, yes I am sure.

    See the feature request I started on Github.

    My favourite WP theme is Weaver Xtreme, which allows an incredible amount of customisation, and includes page templates named “Blank” (which still includes all the usual links, but adds no content), and “Raw” which does not even include any of the other plugins stuff, you really get a raw empty HTML page, which is great e.g. for a custom landing page which will load exceptionally fast.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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