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    OKAY, I’ll bite. Why do you say “is going to destroy 50% of plugins”? Have you had problems with Gutenberg and some plugins and if so, which ones?

    The first plugin I took was WooCommerce. Try editing a Product.

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    We’re not trying to force people into “not seeing”, we’re honestly curious what plugins users are experiencing issues with.

    It’s worth noting that there’s still some time left before Gutenberg and WordPress 5.0 is released, and I know that WooCommerce are doing some very interesting things with it. We also have fallback mechanics that will be in place when the final product is rolled out to avoid breaking what we can.

    I was asking about this unqualified review

    Before doing this unqualified review I took 4 plugins and 2 of them were broken. I gave an example. What else would I say?

    Why are you trying to force developers fix their plugins instead of making GTB optional? Even built-in but optional.

    Or can you explain in details why exactly you are sure you are not going to break other plugins by forcing GTB for post types?

    these shills who say ( not core) all work for some theme builder plugin, just ignore them.

    sure, all of us

    @bkjproductions is right, and Im concerned about same issues. Company I work for actively maintains over hundred of wordpress websites, while generally providing support to couple times that. All of it have chance to get blown up, we will need to retrain our workers and clietns in best case scenario. While I dont consider it fair at all to charge for it, we can figure out how to do it and not loose money, I hope at least. Anyway, another thing is that many websites will stop beeing functional. Ive restored backup of couple of our sites, including our old main one on localhost and checked installing guttenberg plugin. Some of them weren’t operational anymore.

    Yes, you promise to install fallback, but how you will know if trigger fallback?
    What will be fallback in the first place? TinyMCE that you are removing?

    And im not worried about my company, I dont care. Im worried about our clients and my coworkers. You know, they are just people, all of them are just people, and they will not handle such ammount of problems thrown at them in one second

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    When Gutenberg becomes part of core, existing content won’t break, because it’s merely an editing screen, it does not impact existing content.

    There are also safeguards that will be in place at that time, that are not there now because this is all used for testing and we need to know about any potential failures so taht we can pick up on them early and look at ways to work with them.

    This topic is spiraling a bit though. This is a review, not a discussion topic for everyone to jump into, please feel free to open a forum topic for that. In light of that, I’ll be closing this off to new replies at this time.

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