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  • I thought this was a cool new editor. But then I started trying to use it and then this was my reaction… Please, NO!

    I mean, I can’t even change my permalink the way I want it to, it just uses the default pattern from the options. Previously, I could remove useless stop words from it, now I can’t do anything to my permalinks. That is a crime against SEO.

    Next, the featured image is not even visible in article preview. And I discovered this by spending just 5 minutes in this… “editor”

    I just want to write my article and then format it to how I like. I don’t need to insert 50 thousands different blocks. Just give me a distraction free clutter-free writing experience.

    This seems to be a step into the wrong direction. I don’t know why WordPress decided to include this as a core upgrade in the next major release? I don’t see the logic behind it. Maybe I am using it wrong.

    I hope you’ll still support the classic editor after you release this…

    *—– Edit after a few hours using it —–*

    Now that I spend some time actually figuring everything out and using the plugin I don’t hate it as much as the first time I tried it.

    My only current problem with the new editor is the fact that there’s a bug where it doesn’t save the draft. The button just goes into a never-ending loop of saving the draft, but doesn’t actually do anything. Because of that you can’t actually preview any changes you make. Your only option is to F5 page every time you want to see changes.

    Changing my review from 1 star to 3 stars for now.

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  • Okay, so I figured out some of the issues.

    Apparently, you need to save a draft first to be able to edit those things I mentioned above.

    However, it’s constantly trying to “Save draft” and all other buttons can’t be pressed.

    So far the only cool feature of this editor is the document outline.

    Another annoying thing is that the editor window can’t be scaled to your liking so I am stuck looking at a 200 pixel window with a title and then a dozen blocks of plugin related stuff. Which is clearly far from a clutter-free experience. And I don’t even have that many plugins installed.

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