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  • Hi everyone,

    I was used IMDB Tag plugin with my site for IMDB information

    fist days i was showing all the necessary details related to the movie.


    Title	                     Content
    Movie: 	                     Small Island
    Director: 	             John Alexander
    Genre: 	                     Drama See  ยป
    Awards: 	             2 wins
    Cast: 	                     Naomie Harris, Ruth Wilson, Benedict
    Others: 	             Additional Details

    since 4 days before it was change showing details and not it showing like

    Title                        Content
    Cast: 	                     ,,,...
    Others: 	             Additional Details

    Please help me to solve this problem soon…

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  • did you update wordpress recently

    Thank you quick reply,

    no i didn’t update wordpress still using 2.9.2
    i was published my site last 10th of june with wordpress 2.9.2

    Can anybody help me with this please?

    Can anybody help me with this please?

    You did not mention which IMDB plugin but it could be a problem with the cache. Try turning the cache off.
    If you are not running the cache then your IP is probably being blocked from too much bandwidth. You need to run the cache.

    Hi Webjunk,

    Thank you so much for the reply. i’m using IMDB Tag Plugin i downloaded from

    please explain i don’t have any idea with turning off cache and etc.

    Thank you..

    Never heard of that plugin before but…

    There should be a directory found at:

    It should have permissions of 777

    Normally with these plugins it needs the cache to reduce load on the stream suppliers’ servers. Sounds like it can’t write out the cache file.
    If for some reason you did not have the cache working some suppliers will cut off (blacklist) access for your website.

    Thank you so much Webjunk,

    I’ll try as you explained and post comments here…

    Thank you so much for fully understandable help.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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