• Dave


    Hi, I used to really liked this plugin. But then with version 7 you incorporated some changes that got many complaints. I won’t repeat them here.

    You’ve since made the facebook button behave as normal again, which is great.

    My question is: When can we expect this for the Twitter button as well? I tried using it on a site just now and I don’t get it. How do I simply tweet a post I’ve just read and like? Instead of going through a sign in process that I don’t see the value of I now just copy the link a go to Twitter to tweet directly.

    Please make the Twitter button work as it did so we can fully use your wonderful plugin again.



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  • Hi Dvaer,

    Thanks for your feedback. The Twitter button goes through OAuth, the same as it has for the past two years. The only difference is that we updated the Twitter sharing interface back in a later release of version 6 (a couple months before version 7 was introduced) to include the multisharing option, and we integrated the multisharing interface into the Facebook button while releasing version 7, but have since reverted the change where multisharing is only available through the Twitter button.

    The OAuth process allows our application to connect with your Twitter account, which provides more freedom in design and additional functionality when customizing our application through the utilization of Twitter’s API. It also helps us to provide you with specific Analytic data so that you’ll know which of your readers are sharing your content on Twitter, just in case you’d like to reach out to them and say ‘Thanks!’

    Contrary to recent forum discussion, our plugin has functioned this way for quite some time. The change was in extending the share panel options to enhance the sharing experience by integrating a joint Facebook-Twitter multisharing capability for those who use both social media networks and would like to share content with them more quickly.



    Hi C Reign,

    Thank you for explaining that, I better understand why you did this now and I guess it makes sense to some extent.

    So if I understand correctly, you introduced multisharing for the Twitter button in version 6 a few months ago. Then with version 7 you also introduced it for the Facebook button. And now you’ve disabled multisharing again for the Facebook button, but left it there for the Twitter button in both version 6 and 7.

    OK, fine. I’m still no big fan of the multisharing functionality, because I feel a button with tweet functionality like Digg Digg have would give a better user experience.

    I guess for a simpler user experience I can always activate the tweet button listed under the “additional buttons” header (I’m talking about version 6 now, not sure version 7 has this option). But to me one of the appealing things about your plugin is that it makes all the buttons look so consistent and good (even more so in version 7). And that will be lost a little with a standard tweet button underneath it.

    Anyway, thank you for taking the time to get back to me and explaining the changes. I hope you find this feedback useful 🙂




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