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  • Ben Dunkle


    I posted about a 404 error I was having earlier today. I cannot find my post. A search for “empireoflight” yields nothing. My account brings up an error page. Search results cannot be sorted. I have no clue if my post has been responded to. I could fish through page after page of posts, but it should be a snap. Please fix!

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  • Clayton James


    My account brings up an error page.

    Not an error page, an anti-spam measure. You must be a relatively new member. It appears as though, as a recent implementation, new user profiles will remain in-accessible for a short time after sign up. This gives the forum time to audit and insure that you are not a spammer.

    More info, this thread…

    …and this is just my opinion, but don’t buy into that sorry ass, uninformed rhetoric you see at the bottom of that thread. There are some exceptionally knowledgeable people here who will often go out of their way to help.

    Give it some time, your profile will appear.



    Here’s your other post:

    If nothing else, the old standby of using google with "" yourNameHere could help.

    Hey HandySolo,
    You closed the topic on this forum being broken so I am posting here about another broken forum issue.

    I finally succeeded in registering my backup email address an hour ago and made this post a half hour ago:

    cant register for this forum with my main email address

    But, it only appears when I am logged in so I am not sure if that is a different problem. I hope that post goes up. I will argue against emotional outbursts. But, there does need to be a place for this to be discussed.

    [sig moderated]
    (trying to switch from MT to WP)


    sometimes posts are “eaten” by Akismet, the anti-spam plugin, which often perceives posts with many links (as your other topic) as spam. It takes time until a mod gets to check the posts in the spam queue and “unspam” them if necessary.

    I released your other post.


    I posted a week or so about people’s URLs not appearing in their profiles. It seemed this was for users who don’t post often enough. Now it seems some users don’t have profiles at all!

    Not letting other people read profiles can be considered an anti-spam measure, but logged-in users should be able to see their own profile, otherwise it makes the forum very awkward and inconvenient to use.

    The message that is returned when attempting to view a new user’s profile is also incorrect. It says “User not found”. It should say, “User’s profile inaccessible” or something. Otherwise it suggests the user has been deleted. I came back to a post where I was helping a user earlier in the week, and I thought the user had deleted his account. I went to the trouble of e-mailing him with the solution in case he didn’t read the post – simply because of the misleading 404 page.

    Maybe this was an emergency measure, but it really needs to be tidied up now to make the forum more usable!

    so, does anyone know what actually has to happen for the profile to start working?


    fair enough…

    *holds a Séance*
    *sacrifices a young calf*
    *rolls a hard eight*
    *gives to charity*
    *writes more plug-ins*

    Something has to work?!

    Excellent, it works for me. Great work y’all.

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