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  • Please please stop all these ridiculous updates! Sone of us are one-man businesses and do not have teams at our disposal working on keeping up with every software update. Running a one man business is very time consuming as it is. Now I find there has been an update, maybe next year I will find some time to learn how to use it, if I can get past the unreadability of my text in the new block editor, and in the meantime all my metadata has dissappaered probably because my version of Yoast doesn’t work with the update, and my contact forms no longer work, losing me clients and I have no time to deal with any of this. If you want to crush small businesses and thus help the multinationals achieve complete domination then please keep doing more of these updates and you will succeed.

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  • If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

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    If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

    It’s not updated unless something is, you know, broken.

    If you do not want to update to the next version of WordPress then don’t.

    If you want to crush small businesses

    Really? That’s irresponsible.

    *Drinks coffee*

    Minor version releases are made to fix real problems. When that includes security updates then that’s even more critical to get that out. Updates are not pushed out gratuitously.

    Your small business will close and get shuttered if your site is hacked. Once your site is marked as that then search engines, anti-virus and other security systems won’t let their users visit your site. You’re out of business and would have a real problem on your hands.

    If you want to disable updates, and that’s really unwise, try one of these plugins.


    Yeah it is frustrating with all the updates. Let’s say that a typical client site has 15 plugins, and most of these plugins have an update once a month because of some feature/bug/etc reason to update.

    I work a bit with a friend and his company. His company uses the ManageWP (pay) service to which I can login and go through site to site about once a month and update. Daily backups are also activated for all the sites. There are other options to ManageWP such as I believe the free (I think) infinitewp and others I do not recall the name of right now. These kinds of services make it a little easier updating all the sites.

    Btw I myself run a one man circus (make web sites and help with adding material etc) and I am so so good/sloppy when it comes to updating client sites (usually nonprofit or smaller business sites). Most of them I have installed the plugin companion auto update and I hope that the various updates work alright. If not the client themselves will tell me that something is wrong with their site. I then just clock my time with Timecamp and fix the problem and then let the client how what I did to fix it. I have for instance experienced that I need to be careful in updating Caldera Forms, so for that plugin I do not have an auto update on, but manually update on occasion, and then test it out afterward.

    Bottom line for me would be to have a good working WordPress Core auto update. As is coming along here:
    An option or auto reverse an update if it makes unexpected changes to the site. That sounds a lot harder to do. As it might be difficult to know what is a good working update and what if something went wrong.

    I do believe updating will become easier when we have the option direct in core to select what to auto update, and which plugin etc not to auto update, or so I hope.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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