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  • If someone thinks something should be added please let me know. I guess no news is good news! Maybe? lol

    yeah cool. 2 things i dont like, i dont like how you have said in the search box “SEARCH SITE …. Hit Enter” people know how to use a search box, you dont need that.

    number 2: you should change the favicon from the default. favicon is the little picture on the corner of the tab, next to the title of the website. eg: this page has a tiny (w) symbol for wordpress.

    Thank you for the feedback. I changed the text in the Search box. I created a favicon and using it now. Great Advice.
    Anyone else?




    way too many ads, and way too much whitespace.

    whooami were you neglected as a kid why are you Mr.negative he asked for a review not a 5 word put down and your one to be talking about to much whitespace

    I think it looks pretty good needs a little work but every website needs work so all in all good work

    Thank you carlile92.
    Yes it is work in progress for sure. The foundation for the most part is done but I will continue to tweak. The reviews and requests are coming in quicker than I thought they would. That is a good thing though.
    Thanks again carlile92

    As to you whooami I have two Google box ads that’s it. The other things you think are ads are affiliates. I have no white space the background is Blue. LOL.. Just messing with you. You are entitled to your opinion.
    Thanks everyone.

    ya and have you looked at his website hes really throwing stones in a glass house lol




    honestly carlie, grow up. dont you have a study hall or something to go to?

    joestyer, here is an explanation of white space:

    it has nothing to do with the colors you are using.

    Ummmmmmmmmm is it me or did it say in that definition WHITE

    Jeremy Clark



    Carlile – Personal attacks aren’t necessary. The OP asked for an opinion and that’s what was given.




    since your just 17, and maybe new to the new whole Internet thing, Ill give you a clue, take a look at the word “blank”.

    Oh and heres another for you: troll

    thats what you are I guess, and youre demonstrating it well.

    hes been rude to me in the past that is the reason for my action alls he does is drop by to leave a couple words and not even review the site

    and there usually a put down not to mention the same everytime to many ads

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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