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  • I give up, I’ve been at it for days. I’m simply not going to upload my theme until will someone can come up with an answer to or a easy fix why woocommerce is not working with IE 10. I’ve been told

    To debug which might as well be Greek to me.

    That it’s a plug issue but even when I turn off all plug-ins but the main woo one and it still happens in 2012 theme, I find that hard to believe.

    Will someone let me know when Woo if fixed???

    I’ve had all I can take. I set my web site back to an earlier day and will ignore updates till someone fixes this mess.

    Yes, I deserve to vent after the week of H@$$ I’ve had with this mess and the products I’ve lost. Not like I can restore the data and product’s I’ve lose send who knows what is causing the issue.

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  • Roy Ho


    What doesn’t work about it?

    Last weekend I updated my theme and quickly learned that when someone hit add to cart when using IE 10 that it went to error page saying page could not be found and another time 501 error. If you refreshed on it went on to the correct page and the item showed in the cart. It also worked fine on chrome and foxfire. I did test on two different computer to rule my main computer out.

    I figured it was my theme so I switched to 2012 and got the same error.

    I then turned off all the plug-in but woocommerce and got the same error.

    I tired my best to fix it but nothing worked and I ended up having my hosting company set back my store to the last back up and it works again.

    I’m now scared to death to update any themes or plug-in. I’ve have set up a daily back up at the end of each day incase this happens again.

    I haven’t messed with any codes and I update all my web page weekend to keep everything current. I have hit limited log in attempt set and I use word fence.

    I’ve lost a week of work chasing my tail and lost products that have to be re put in and have upset vendors and customer email me all day long.

    I’ve post several times on wordpress forum of a few month old posting with people who’ve had the same problem but gotten no answers. I need help and no clue how to get it. I know wootheme is not good at answer trouble tickets and point me to their doc section which asays it due to chinch plugin software which I am not running either.

    Any advice is very welcome.

    Roy Ho


    Well I am sorry to tell you it works fine for me in IE 8, 9 and 10 along with FF and Chrome…

    Have you tried setting up a fresh vanilla WP and WC to test?

    I’d love to find a way to preserve my products, back them up, and pull the whole site and redo it for scratch. Then re add my products but I’m clueless how to do that. Help is hard to fine and with all my family out of work, there is no money to hire anyone.

    I don’t mean to give a sob story, just stating the facts.

    Would it be possible to set up a subdomain on the site, add a new wordpress then more the products to the new subdomain? I can use the main site as an opening page of sorts then.

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