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  • ok guys…i started using WP in Jan, and as u can imagine, my first design for my site isnt all that great. I upgraded to 1.5 recently, and am gonna start making a new theme.

    Before I do tht though, I figured I could use some feedback abt wht I did wrong with the first one, so I don’t repeat my mistakes. Please take a look and absolutely murder me if you have to. attack anything and everything: colors, format, content, the way I modified the 1.2 defaults to make my blog match my site, etc. etc.

    Thanks for taking the time; this could also help ease some frustration for you guys! a harsh critique is always satisying, right? 😉

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  • I don’t see anything wrong with the site. I like your writing style.
    Some will like the minimalistic, almost monochromatic colors, others will say needs more color/flashier design.

    It all comes down to personal tastes.

    thanks miklb. the only problem I had when I converted my old design to a theme and switched my blog back to it after upgrading to 1.5, is this:

    the comments link doesnt work. when i click on it, it jst takes me back to the single page view. I think the support pages have threads on this, so im gonna look there and try to figure it out.

    or maybe i should just forget abt it coz hopefully it’ll be resolved when i make my new theme.

    thanks again for the comments..

    anyone else please?

    anyone at all? hehe, is it so bad noone even wants to say anything?:-p oh well, guess i’ll jst make my new theme and then try to ask for some comments…i jst need to know if the blog is structurally sound/aesthetically pleasing

    The colour scheme is easy on the eye. Personally, I LOVE it. I like simple, minimalistic themes.

    As for the comments not working, have you enabled it under Options->Discussions?

    Another thing, if your host supports mod_rewrite, you should use permalinks. It looks much better, and tend to be spidered better than dynamic links.

    thnks azmeen…I will look into the permalinks thing for sure. I did enables options in the discussions, but i’ll check again.

    I like minimalistic themes too, but its hard to get most of my regular friends interested in a simple site!:-p

    Anyways, thnks for taking the time…:)

    I think your site is FABULOUS. It’s certainly light and airy and very pleasant to look at. All your graphics and heading texts flow beautifully with the style. Nice.

    Thanks snaerff. Im trying to maintain the same airiness while incorporating more colors for my new theme. hope it comes off well!

    Well, I think it’s a bit dull – but that’s just me. It’s a case of personal opinion. Lots of people like less obtrusive colours, but I like a bit of brightness. In terms of layout, though, it’s pretty good.

    i know what you mean fishcakes. that’s actually the way a lot of my friends feel abt the site, and tht’s why Im trying to incorporate more colors into the pallette without losing my minimalistic sense of design

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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