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  • I would just love a plugin that stops someone from posting comments in “txt speak”

    It’s just so incredibly annoying to read online.

    Perhaps I can just add all the words to a text filter but I’d rather just alert the commenter that it’s not tolerated.

    Anyone know a definitive list of “txt speak” words? Maybe I’ll write it myself 😀

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  • This is actually an extremely difficult problem. It’s likely harder to definitely determine whether or not something is txt speak than it is to determine if something is spam. You’re sure to have false positives and negatives.

    There is a pretty good translator and some lists of terms over at Or maybe they’ll have some ideas.

    One thought might be to check all the words against a “txt speak” dictionary and if the score is 10 or higher, the user is warned and comment moderated.




    whats wrong with txt speek???

    I use it all the time apparantly, and didn’t even realize it.

    “ppl” is one of my all-time faves. 🙂

    it stems from spending years on irc, not being addicted to my cell, or texting, btw.

    @whoami: lrn 2 typ, foo!





    lol 😛

    You know, honestly, I have to remind myself here and inside most e-mails NOT to type in a more relaxed manner.

    It’s a very easy habit to pick up, especially when YOU know what you mean. Shouldn’t everyone else?

    why type Internet when inet works, after all!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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