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    I really appreciate the Shield plugin and I started using it at least 7 years ago. But maybe more.

    This is the main problem: All the website i made had the automatic update for Shield turned on. Now, ALL the website I made during my whole life are sending to me e-mails regarding the use of abandoned plugins.

    I’m talking about 100+ e-mails every time.

    Now, since A LOT of time passed, I do not mantain those website, I do not have backend access, neither I am willing to contact all my life long clients to provide them support in disabling this (maybe useful) feature.

    So PLEASE, I beg you, deploy an update where this feature is replaced with a backend warning instead of sending email. Just make the e-mail optional.

    It is really annoying and useless.

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  • Plugin Author Paul



    Firstly, I understand everything you’re saying if you’ve setup Shield sites, left your email as the notification email, but you no longer manage them, then yep, you’d be getting a few emails for those sites.

    Unfortunately, the solution isn’t for us to retrospectively make an adjustment to the plugin like you’re suggesting, and then somehow “apply” it to all sites, in order that the particular sites you’ve previously managed are updated how you would like them to be.

    The solution is to reach out to those site owners and have them remove your email as the notification email for those sites.

    You’ve stated you’re not willing to go back and contact your clients, that’s your choice, but we’re not willing to change the system for all sites that run Shield because of the position that you’ve taken. I’m sorry if that’s not what you want to hear.

    Since you wont contact your clients, and the emails aren’t going to stop unless they change the settings, then I’d suggest you filter out the emails.

    I completely understand how this would be annoying, but going forward, assuming you’ll be ever using Shield, then it would be best to not use your email address as the Shield notification email if you don’t intend to be the primary Shield admin.

    All that being said though, it makes sense to have an option in those plugin emails to stop sending them. We’ll look to add a link to the bottom of these emails so that whoever is receiving them can click to turn it off. It will likely not make it for the next major release, but hopefully it wouldn’t be too far out.

    Hi Paul.

    I do understand your point of view, and I think that the link at the bottom of those e-mail would be a great solution!


    Plugin Author Paul


    Great, thanks for understanding. As I said, I can’t say when I’ll get that email unsubscribe in there, but it’ll be a great feature enhancement. Cheers!

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