• alexiusgrey


    I used it few years, now on php 8+ there are some issues, that I asked of people how to fix them.

    1. On /wp-content/plugins/woo-poly-integration/src/Hyyan/WPI/Utilities.php on line 645 change to
    } else {
    				//20190630: old code used in previous versions of this plugin
    			if ($polylang->curlang) {
    				$polylang->curlang->locale = $languageLocale;

    2. To make it work with variable products again in woo-poly-integration/src/Hyyan/WPI/LocaleNumbers.php string 97

    $retval = $a->format((float) $input, \NumberFormatter::TYPE_DOUBLE);

    I don’t remember what was the third.

    Someone, please, don’t let this great plugin die, or resurrect it from the dead!

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