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    Hi all

    I just started with WP and I’m a developer so web programming isn’t new to me. This whole idea of “I’m no longer incharge of exactly everything” is new to me and I have major problems with the most simple of all things in WP. Please, you WP gurus, help me. You’er my only hope.

    When I add new post in the blog (I have two separate blogs and it’s the same problem). The text I see in the “edit box” is nothing like the real text. I get that the css might change fonts e.t.c. (even if really annoying), what happens is that text moves, images moves and the page doesn’t look the way I want and doesn’t look like it should acording to the HTML I wrote.

    This images shows the edit box:


    This is the HTML

    This is the result (outcome)

    As you can see, the table has changes dramatically from the html and also the edit box. Why is that?? I can’t get it to work. I use the build in theme from WP and no strange widgets e.t.c.

    Another really strange thing I can show you is another page where text disapear and the format changes to the worse.

    This is the edit box

    This is the post in the blog page

    This the detail page of the same blog post

    As you can see. None of these three images show the same post…!??!? The blog post removes the “_” and also the link doesn’t show and it has removed the spaces also.

    The detailed post shows it ok. I say “ok” because it took some time to get it to look this way. Nothing looks correct the first time. I had to manually to all the spaces twice by going in the HTML view and hit “space” in between ALL WORDS manually.

    Can someone shed some light to HOW THE HECK DO YOU GET THE POST TO LOOK THE WAY YOU WANT DIRECTLY??? Sry for the caps, I’m just really really frustrated 😛

    Thanks in advance!!


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  • First, use the HTML editor exclusively, because if you switch back and forth between Visual and HTML, it does alter the code a bit. And, if you want to see what you have entered in the HTML, use the “Preview” at the top/right of the Editor – just open in a new tab/window.

    Second: On your image, you have two different width sizes:
    <img style="width: 122px;" src="(your img link)" alt="" width="180" height="94" />
    The style width may be over-riding the width one.

    Also, you haven’t defined the width of your “TD’s”, have you?

    I would put the text and the img in one full-width TD and have the img float right.

    Over and above all this, you could put your text and img (float it right) within a “<p></p>” which you define as 350px width (and any padding you want) and loose the table entirely.

    Thanks for reply

    I’ve played around with the table and width and everything and went back to absolut basic table with no styles or <thead / body> or anything. It still is messed up.

    Another thing; how can it be that the “Visual” messes the code up? If I were to create a WordPress software, editing text would be the primary use-case and put all my effort into that to start with. Howcome this not work?!? Is there a better editor out there? I’ve tried a few like TinyMCE or and other WYSIWYG but none have really made me happy.

    Lastly, what do yo mean with putting my text and img (float to right) within <p>? I don’t know how to do that? If I use <p> (paragraf) the block with create a linebreak at </p>.

    Thanks again! 🙂

    It is just something I’ve noticed if I’ve ever chanced to use the Visual Editor. Someone here more experienced with the core functioning of WP could answer better. I always use the HTML Editor and switch off the Visual one. I view as I am working by the “Preview” button opened in another tab/window.

    In your page:
    <p class="some-name-you-pick">text + img (floating right or whichever way you want)</p>

    In your theme’s CSS:

    .some-name-you-pick img{
    float:right (or whichever-way-you-want);
    margin:0 0 5px 10px;

    Thanks. I’ll try that.

    Too bda with the Visual editing. Everyone should have problems with it 🙂 ?


    I stoped using visual editor cuz it sucks. Problem solved.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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