• Just want to say thank you for this amazing plug-in! I went throughwoocommerce and wp ecommerce, but both were too complicated! Yours is nice and straightforward!.

    I’m close to getting everything perfect, but I can’t figure a few things out.. I searched and tried everything! Please help 🙁


    1. It’s resizing my product pictures to 304px.. How to stop it from resizing my pictures? Or change picture size.

    2. How to remove the “Category” pull down menu? I don’t want it on my page.

    3. how to Move “add to chart” and “price”? They are too far down the page for my liking.. Would like them closer to picture.


    1. Change color of white bar that goes across page?

    2. Move the “clear cart” down a tiny bit and change color?


    1. How to move and change paypal button (looks ugly)??

    that’s it wwoo lol

    PS would be nice to have back and forward buttons for customer?

    Also the page with products.. you can see the problems im talking about
    Thanks again!


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  • Plugin Author n.showket


    Thanks for your nice comment…..All of the above is possible with code changes…

    If you purchase our premium one, I can get all these sorted out.


    What does the premium version have to do with the things i need fixed? Its not like the premium version has a built in interface to edit all the changes i listed does it?? I looked threw all the php and css.. I was more so asking which css/php files i needed to edit these changes??

    Plugin Author n.showket


    Sorry for the confusion, I 5thought you said you tried everything and you still my help.

    Anyway, most of these cosmetic changes are on the css file and also on the store-home.php and cart.php.


    oh np! sorry for not clarifying aha But thanks i will look into the css and store-home.php thanks

    Still cant find where to change the picture size and stop it from resizing my product picture ?? sorry

    I also noticed that all the buttons are not using the PNG pictures that you have? the only one thats working is “Remove Item” png.. how do i fix that?

    Plugin Author n.showket


    Under views/store-home.php…there are css which actual does your picture sizing.

    images are inside the imgaes folder.

    and those button codes are :
    please debug through :


    Not sure if this is what u after or not.


    Thank you!

    1. I was able to resolve the Photos beings re sized. (thanks)
    2. i removed the “Category” pull down menu (thanks)

    3. was able to change paypal button.. But i cant figure out why there is still a dark grey boarder around it?!?!

    4. the “CLEAR” button on the cart page doesn’t do anything?

    and i dont know how to debug? how do i fix all the missing image png buttons?

    check it out so far,

    Once i fixed those im good!!

    Also there is no Qty(quantity) option on the product page? only on the cart checkout page.. but i would like the customer to be able to put the Qty while picking his product. then also have the option during cart check out to change it.

    Plugin Author n.showket


    This will need modification on the source code.
    I normally dont do this on the LITE version.


    ok but what about these 2 things??

    -the “CLEAR” button on the cart page doesn’t do anything?

    -and i dont know how to debug? how do i fix all the missing image png buttons?

    see here http://www.jadenfox.com/store/

    Plugin Author n.showket


    Have u changed the CLEAR button functionality on software?

    Debug can be done by purchasing a php development ide ( example: eclipse for php )


    Ok i need a php debug software gotcha

    and i figured out why clear button didnt work!

    I put a bigger space between “Clear” and “Part”.. since i dont have a image as a button. i wanted to make the text the same width as “Update cart” text
    <input type=’submit’ name=’updateCart’ value='<?php _e( ‘CLEAR (I put a pace here) CART’ , ‘simpleecommcart’ ); ?>

    I got rid of the space and now the button works.. just looks crappy

    but ill guess have to deal with it

    thanks for all your help tho!

    Plugin Author n.showket


    thanks for your kind comment.
    Please let me know if u need anything else.



    Did you get a resolution with removing the gap between add to cart button, price and product image? Am having same issue – looks like empty p tags but cant find where i remove them


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