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  • My site is

    1st – I would like to add a header on my home page above the flash picture. I’m looking to remove the flash on my homepage and just have one picture I can resize, but haven’t figured that one out either.

    2nd – With my other pages, the navigation tab name becomes the h1 header for that page. Is there a way to change the page’s h1 header without affecting the navigation tab name? Also, when viewing the site with from different computers, you can’t even read the headers because they are too small, what’s that all about?

    P.S. I have the All In One SEP Pack if that helps.

    Please help and thanks in advance!

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  • Well, you’ve chosen a theme that puts the branding in the left sidebar, so you’re perhaps making things a bit difficult for yourself. However for the header you would like to add (I’m assuming you mean an h1 element), you could either put it after the top_nav div in the div#top area, or as the first thing in div#content div.content.

    With any luck, both of these will be in the theme’s header.php file. If not, you’ll have to go hunting for them in the theme’s other files.

    Again, with luck, the header.php file will contain the HTML for the flash element. Just delete it and replace it with an img element.

    You should ideally make all your changes to the theme in a child theme.

    For your second point, I don’t really understand what you mean because what you say is certainly not true of your ‘Chip and Crack Repair’ page or your ‘About Us’ page.

    And finally I’ve no idea what you mean by, “Viewing the site with different computers”. Do you mean different browsers? If so, which ones give you trouble? Do you mean different monitor sizes? Different screen resolutions? Different operating systems? You could be talking about one hundred and one different things.



Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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