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  • Ok I had this problem in WordPress where I was unable to upload any images due to an error that read:

    Unable to create directory.”(The Directory path)”. Is its parent directory writable by the server?

    I spoke to some hosting represenatives and they clarified what the problem was.You can see my first post on the resolved problem here:

    It seemed that there was so many single files within the wp-content/uploads folder in my FTP that WordPress was unable to create a 2012 folder for the images I want to upload hence why I kept on receiving the error on the uploader. The represenative suggested to delete as many old files as I can also considering the fact that the limit of files per folder is about 1000 files and the uploads folder had over 7000 single files. So it was virtually impossible for WordPress to create a 2012 folder. As soon as I eliminated some images the 2012 folder popped up and I was able to upload once again.

    Now I didn’t delete all my images but just a few out of 7000 to test if this was the problem and luckily it was but I want to know how I can divide these images into 7 separate folders in my FTP of about 1000 files so that the uploads folder doesn’t force my hosts to suspend my domain considering it’s way past it’s limitations.
    I tried creating a folder outside of the uploads folder and then moving some of the single files into that folder. Then for testing purposes I dragged the folder I created into the uploads folder. I wrote down a name of an image and then proceeded to search for it in my WordPress Media Library to see if it appears. When the search pulled up I saw that the image was blank with an X on the top left corner of the image.

    Now how am I able to divide all of these single files in my FTP into folders within my uploads folder so that WordPress is able to find these files. Something to keep in mind is that these are somewhat old files for old posts but I don’t want to delete them and if I change the uploads path in WordPress, then the new files I want to upload wouldn’t be saved in the 2012 folder. If anyone has a solution, I’d really appreciate it!
    Thank you

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