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  1. nferguson
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hi there....

    I am having a problem with my company's website. We usually update it every month or so and it has worked great for years. I went in about a month ago to upload new media and whatnot, and the Admin Page was all white, except the sidebar. I cannot do anything.... I am unable add new media, change text, etc. I could not even check to see what version of WordPress the site is using. The website itself is still up and running, but the Admin is not usable. How can I fix this? I searched online and found that I can use phpMyAdmin to disable plugins but I am not an advanced user and could not really understand how it works once I downloaded it. I am not the Admin who set it all up, just a somewhat savvy employee who helps out the boss by keeping the site updated. Any help is GREATLY appreciated!

    Webpage: http://www.eri-va.com

  2. nferguson
    Posted 2 years ago #

    HELLO?? Any takers out there??

  3. Gekkoshot
    Posted 2 years ago #


    You can disable a plugin by simply renaming the plugin folder. for example you could disable 'woocommerce' by renaming the folder 'woocommerceOFF'. This can be done via FTP and has no need for PHPADMIN. This way you can disable each plugin and see if there is a conflict.

    Also, do you take regular DB backups, you could try refreshing to an earlier copy.

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