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  • venison66


    Hello…I’m having a huge emergency.

    I’ve spent over a year creating my website,

    Now, when you go to the website, there’s nothing there.

    I have so many questions…is it possible to talk with an actual person about this?

    I have hosting through GoDaddy, and it says that WordPress isn’t installed on But when you go to the website, it looks like some sort of WordPress is installed. What does that mean?

    When I attempt to install WP for this website on GoDaddy, it says: “Installing on the root folder of your domain will overwrite any existing installations. Are you sure want to do this?” If I say yes, am I eliminating ANY chance of recovering my old website?

    Please help me!!!!!

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  • catacaustic


    The problem is most likely the hosting server. The page that you’re seeing as your home page is the server saying that access is blocked. That’s way before it even gets to looking for the WordPress files to load.

    The only suggestions that I have are to look at the error logs for your site, and if they show nothing ask GoDaddy again about this, and ask them why the site is showing up as “Forbidden”.

    If you do the re-install then yes, it will over-write and delete anything that you have/had there so I would suggest not doing that unless it’s an absolute last resort.

    As far as talking to a real person, the online help here is all that we can offer. Everyone here are volunteers and we do this as a helping hand. There’s no “official” support staff.

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