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Please help! Tried to Re-Install WordPress!

  • SO I’ve been following: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/site-disappeared-after-upgrade?replies=9
    That thread on re-installing wordpress. I’ve gotten so far as activating the WP-upgrade.php
    It seems to be doing something really weird though…
    MY website is Pompfiction.com
    At one point in time, I uploaded WP to Pompadoodles.Pompfiction.com thus creating a Pompadoodles database apart from my Pompfiction database.
    Now that I’ve followed that previous thread’s tutorial on how to re-install wordpress, when I go to log into Pompfiction.com/wp-login.php for some reason it says “Pompadoodles” at the top of the site ._. And It takes forever to load and times out when I try to log in for some reason.
    Also if you click the comic navigation (like click back) here: http://pompfiction.com/comic/comicpages/steelchef/steel-chef-pg29/
    It takes you to “page not found” even the url its trying to go to is correct. The page not found brings up the title Pompadoodles too. What’s going on here?? A mixup of databases? If so, what do I do!?

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  • Anyone at least know how to do a clean re-install of wordpress? Trying to ultimately replace corrupted files from a malware hack.

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