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  • Please help!
    I’m new in this question and this is my first blog.
    So, i wanna make a post with picture gallery in it. I’d love the pictures be in single column. (like this:
    So what should i do for this look? Because when i try to upload pictures, i’ve got only thumbnail list with click-able option… so i dont need it…
    And one more question, how can i make/set preview thumbnails with pictures on main page (like this

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  • you are going to kinder garden and trying pass the uni exams!
    Do you know php? if yes create your own theme!

    I’ve got the same theme… so dont need to develop anything…
    I just want to know how can i load many pictures to the post… in the single column…

    So, need real help, so if anyone could help… please.
    Thank you

    @nsathees: If you cannot add anything positive, say nothing!

    @gerasimovich: When inserting images, pay close attention to the Align option. Try inserting two left-aligned smaller image left followed by a large centre-aligned image.

    As for your second question, try asking on the theme developers’ forum: and remember to tell them the name of the them that you are using.

    What I’d do is study the HTML on the page and the CSS and see how it was constructed so you can do likewise on your own version of the theme. WPShower has some very lovely themes, IMHO, and I love that photo shoot.

    If you use Firefox as your browser, you can download the Developer Tools extention and easily take a look at the underlying HTML and CSS to see how things are put together. HTH.

    Thank you ESMI
    I’ll try!

    I can’t guarantee that my suggestion will work. jonimueller’s advice is the best one if you are reasonably comfortable with using HTML & CSS.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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