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  • I’ve viewed what I believe to be all the posts on the subject; however, I’ve not found a solution. All I’ve got from the search is advice not to attempt it and info that I’ll have to redo the modification every WP update. However, I still want to learn how to physically do it, instead of using safe mods and rewrite tools that do it for me. The curiosity is driving me nuts, could someone tell me how to remove the “wp-” prefix from all files and folders?

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  • agentx


    Well, it’s very hard to say, I tried and eventually crashed my installation after trying so many things, modding every single file. But this is something we wont be doing. Every single file is calling the instances of wp- prefixes, which IDK seems too foolish. Opensource with a branding sux. Joomla is still a very best and I’ve done a hell lot of modding on that.
    Coming back to the topic, you got only one shot, i.e. your apache mod rewrite, study it and you might be able to generate custom url, but don’t expect WP to do anything for you on this 😉

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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