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  • Hi,

    Newbie here!
    I have spend many hours trying to get this right.

    I managed to install WP onto my own server. Got the setup done, etc.
    I can login to WP and view my blog but i cannot change any of the theme options, such as header,etc. i also cannot load any widgets or change any of the options in them. For example if i try remove a header image, the page just reloads into my default google response saying link cannot be found. I can install new plugins, widgets & themes, but again i cannot make any changes to them. Whenever trying to save and publish changes nothing happens either

    I have installed the WP package into my public_html page in a sub directory. I changed the permissions to 775, if fact i have even tried to change permissions to all open, with no luck.

    I am almost certain its a permission thing, it almost seems as though WP cannot access its files to make changes. I have tried my best to figure this out on my own, but i need your help please

    Hetzner is my host, if thats any help

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  • Just had a thought.

    I am trying to run a WP site from a subdirectory of my public_html page. I have installed the WP package into Public-Html/wordpress. Should i maybe install the wp package into the main public_html directory?

    I was wanting to run my existing website as normal and then just have the WP blog on a link. I wanted to keep the blog on my website as the clicks and links are favourable for my stats

    So long as you have the domain properly configured to point to wordpress that shouldn’t be a problem. Its sounds as though the files aren’t owned by your ftp user. You might have access to the files on your FTP, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that WordPress does. At this point though, WordPress would usually ask for FTP information when trying to download or remove say a plugin. Is it giving any warning messages at all? Asking for FTP information?

    Thanks. No its not asking for any FTP information.

    I know there is a setting for that in my server console software. I know there are 3 settings there, is there a setting in WP regarding this? I did just try delete a plugin and the same problem, where i get a google screen saying “Oops! Internet Explorer could not find wordpress”.

    Okay its working now. Not sure what i changed but i did fiddle with permissions and ftp ownerships.

    Sorry i cant give a detailed fix, i installed and changed things quite a few times and not exactly sure what i did.
    But its working 🙂

    Thanks again

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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