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Please help! Sub pages not showing up

  • On my site I have created sub pages and attributed a parent to them, but they still don’t show up at all, anywhere. I’m not sure if there is something else that I am missing. I am using the BrightPage theme which shoes sub pages on the main nav menu on the home page in the preview…

    Thank you very much!! Karma points for you!!!!

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  • wpismypuppet


    Can you provide a link to your site? Can you copy and paste the permalink of one of the sub pages (found in the admin area right under the title of the page)?

    My site is http://www.uphypnosis.org

    and here is a permalink:


    What’s weird is that there is no “Patricia” page…

    I just tried to change the patricia permalink to say about (it was the only page that had the patricia link) and for some reason WP changed it to about-2. I don’t see another about page so this seems strange.



    Check your trash… a page that was deleted, but not permanently deleted, will hog the permalink it had… Or even a draft of that page…



    This link: http://uphypnosis.org/patricia/hypnosis-and-hypnotherapy/ is now pointing to http://uphypnosis.org/about-2/hypnosis-and-hypnotherapy/ and is currently working… what is your permalink structure set to? Settings->Permalinks

    The permalinks is set to:


    I just deleted the only page that was in my trash. It was a resources page, not an about page.

    It is still not working. Any other ideas?



    Hmmm… I’m having trouble visualizing what it is you are trying to accomplish. In the admin area, you are under “Pages”. Then you make a new parent page… and that works. Something like http://uphypnosis.org/classes/.

    Then you add a new page as a child to “classes” called class1 for example… so you should have a link like http://uphypnosis.org/classes/class1/.

    And this is where you are having an issue? This new page, http://uphypnosis.org/classes/class1/, shows a 404 or something? Am I on the right track?

    Exactly, except that the child page never shows up on any menu as an option to click on. Even when I go to the Classes parent page I don’t see a Classes 1 page.



    By default, child pages do not show up in WordPress menus… most of the time, parent pages won’t show either unless you click a checkbox telling them to. Try going into “appearance”->”menus” Do you have a menu set up there? Maybe more than one?

    If you do, find the primary navigation and see if you can manually add a child page. On the left side, you’ll see a box called “pages” and by default it’s on “most recent”, which annoys me 🙂 Change that tab to “view all” and see if your child page is listed. If it is, check it, then click “add to menu”. Simply drag and drop it where you need it.

    If you want it as a child to a parent link (i.e. a drop down), then when you drag and drop under the parent, drag it slightly inward (to the right) until the dashed border shows it indented.

    See if any of this helps… let me know what you find.

    YES!!! That was it!!!! Thank you soooo much!! 🙂

    Do you know a good resource for WordPress instruction? I find wordpress.org to be confusing.



    Unfortunately I do not know any good resources unless you are willing to pay. And even then I can’t recommend good ones. Everything I learned I basically taught myself… but I work with it on a daily basis (it’s my daily job) and I have a background in computer programming… My company has built more than 40 WordPress sites, and all of them have been custom themes (built from the ground up) and custom functionality.

    If you have any questions or would like information on how things work, feel free to contact us through our company website and I’ll send you whatever information I can to help out!

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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