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  1. jayhen
    Posted 10 years ago #

    hi there,

    please help me. i have set up a site using wordpress


    i enjoyed using it and found it very effective. BUT, spammers have found my site and when i open up the "comments" page, i get drowned with spam for gambling and porn.

    how does it get in? how can i block it? i can't click the spam button hundreds of times a week. how do other bloggers cope?

  2. Chris_K
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Install either Akismet or Spam Karma.

    With either of those, install Bad Behavior as well.

    All 3 are plugins. All 3 are simple to use.

    Akismet comes with WP2.x blogs. If you deleted it, you can find it at http://akismet.com/

    Spam Karma can be found at http://unknowngenius.com/blog/wordpress/spam-karma/

    And Bad Behavior is at http://www.homelandstupidity.us/software/bad-behavior/

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