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  1. phuile
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Can someone help me with this problme?

    I have designed a theme for the following site:

    It is still in a test period but I need to have it up and running in two days ... ! But a user using Safari said "to it seems like the information that is supposed to appear at the top of the page is pushed down to the bottom. Sometimes this is caused by an unclosed HTML tag". The site can't go live without this being fixed.

    Is the "unclosed" tag in the theme? Or in the post? If it is in the theme, can someone help me how to look for it since there are so many items?

    If it is in the post, because it is posted by third party, how can I solve this in the future?

    I used an app to design the theme, and it has worked fine until now. I am primarily a designer so will need help to fix this Safari problem.
    Please help!

  2. islandnetcom
    Posted 5 years ago #


    Rob here at Islandnet.com, did you ever get a resolution to this? How did you design the theme, using Artiseer?

    Would love to help you get this resolved if its not already.

    Rob Turner

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