** Please help, Resolve Twenty Eleven Theme padding on ipad? Conflicting code? (2 posts)

  1. nkdev
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi, Thank you in advance for reading this and for your help. I am using Twenty Eleven Child Theme. I would like the width of the theme, which is 980, to appear same on a desktop as an ipad. I am looking to resolve an issue with the responsiveness of the site. When I load the site on an ipad, a border/padding/margin appears, though not when viewed on iphone or a desktop browser.

    I have changed the margins and padding to 0 when on media of max width of 980. I have taken away padding and margins, and I'm unsure where the conflicting code is. When I have set widths to 100% they zoom and zoom out content on ipad. I would like the site to appear as it does on a web broswer, and ipad to be the same. I have also noticed that when I set the viewport in meta data, it will zoom in, or zoom out. But NOT APPEAR SAME AS DESKTOP.

    I have worked with themes before, but this is my first attempt at manipulating responsive themes.

    What can be causing the issue? Where/what in my CSS needs to change?

    The website is:

    An image of what I am describing can be found here:

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  2. nkdev
    Posted 3 years ago #

    My name is Nicholas by the way. Thanks again everyone for taking a look.

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