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    We are trying to implement GDPR, could you please answer the following questions about your plugin which we use?
    • Does your plugin set cookies?
    • How many cookies does it set?
    • What are the names of the cookies?
    • What is their function? – Can you please categorise them as either –
    A) Necessary
    B) Preferences
    C) Statistics
    D) Marketing
    • Does the plugin need these cookies to function?
    • Where is the code which sets these cookies? (Please provide folder name, file name and line number if available).
    • Do you have any plans to alter your plugin for GDPR?
    We thank you very much for your help.

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  • I’m wondering about this as well!! I can’t continue using the plugin unless it is GDPR compliant. Hoping the plugin authors respond quickly!

    Plugin Author Stephen Harris


    Does your plugin set cookies?
    Yes, two:

    • eo_admin_cal_last_viewed_date – stores the last viewed date on the admin calendar.
    • eo_admin_cal_last_view – stores the last used admin calendar view (month, week, day).

    They expire in 10 minutes and are used so that the admin calendar persists (i.e. visiting the calendar opens you on the month you were last viewing). That’s not PII so you don’t need consent for it. It’s also part of the plug-in’s operation.

    Do you have any plans to alter your plugin for GDPR?
    It doesn’t need altering…

    Excellent, thank you so much for the information!

    Thread Starter lanxalot


    Sorry for the slow response and thanks so much for your reply and for your help.

    It is much appreciated!

    All the best!

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