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    Hi Everyone. So I ran into a problem that I’ve never run into before. I installed the wp e-commerce plugin to test it out, but it screwed up my hole website, so I deleted it, and it is still screwed up.

    In more detail: The plugin replaced all of my pages with a shopping page, and when I deleted it, now all of my pages have been replaced with my homepage. The extension is still there but all I see is the homepage. I checked my pages in the admin panel, and the content is still there, everything normal there, but on the actual website it isn’t. I made the homepage a static page, which I disabled and enabled again, nothing worked. I appreciate any help. Thanks.

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  • So it looks like all of my internal links are showing my homepage.

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    Please can you warn others about adult content, by adding NSFW to either the topic title or the content of your post.

    My bad. Im just creating this website for someone and panicked so I didn’t think of adding that.


    Fixed it. For anyone else having this problem. The problem is your permalinks not your theme. If you go to setting permalinks and set them to default, save, then go to your website, you will see everything goes back to normal. But being an seo expert, its nice to be able to have them custom so you can have your keywords there, so go back to setting, reset it to post name or custom structure, save, then go back to the site. It should all be fixed. Mine did. Thx.

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