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    hi everybody, i need a little help to restore my site.

    here my story, i have a SMF plugin integrator with wordpress, that means that the users in SMF can access to wordpress, well, i dont know how someone break the security in the forum and creates for himself an admin user, that person delete my admin user, so i cant enter to the forum and neather to the blog, that person start to change the forum design, etc.

    the important thing is that i realize realy fast and change all my directories by FTP, he dosnt touch the blog, or the databases.

    i try everything to restore the admin user to enter again in the blog, but i cant, i modify the database by MYSQL but i dont know how to create an admin user with the administrator privilegies, my admin user was diferent that “admin” and i delete “admin” long time ago, so when i create “admin” this user has not all privilegies.

    please helpme my site has 20.000 users daily

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  • mrmist


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    Try the steps listed on this page in the “through phpmyadmin” section.

    Hi, this video by figaro, is excellent at describing how to change password via phpmyadmin.
    hope it helps.

    Tanks very much for your answers, but maybe i explain bad,

    the problem is this, the guy who hack my FORUM delete the “ADMIN USER”

    the database of the FORUM was conected to the database of the WORDPRESS so when he delete the admin user from the forum also delete the admin user from the wordpress.

    i delete “ADMIN” long time ago and i enter as admin with other nickname, so when i create a new user usin mysql call “ADMIN” or my deleted admin user that i use before this was delete, and i try to enter to WORDPRESS DASHBOARD this new user that i created has not all privilegies in the blog.

    I just whant to know how to create a new “ADMIN” user using mysql or other method with all the privilegies.


    now i am working on this, and i think is a posible solution but i dont know if works.

    1.- i am creating a database of everything, also the two databases,

    2.- make a fresh wordpress install, with a new admin user, new database.

    3.- import the old database and restore all files

    so i think should fix the problem



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    I am not sure you need to go to that much trouble.

    Find your user number.
    Do select * from wp_usermeta where user_id = ‘yourusersnumber’

    Check the meta_value for wp_capabilities it should read like




    Forum Janitor

    Also wp_user_level for your user should be 10.


    mrmist TANKS VERY MUCH,

    i change how u said and i fix the problem, i can use the blog now

    i modify the user with the pribilegies

    i hope i can fix the FORUM

    realy tanks,

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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