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  1. honey23
    Posted 8 years ago #


    I have a wordpress site hosted by a hosting company. From past two days it is getting so many requests to open non-existent urls for example:


    They try to append /xxx for all permalinks which give a 404 error and also it causes high cpu usage and my site is going down often due to exceeding cpu quota. I contacted my host they asked me ban those ips. I banned nearly 100 ips but still they are trying to open from different ips.

    I tried to figure out whether there is any by which i can redirect 404 to static page which doesn't cause overload on cpu, but i couldnt figure out. Please guide me if ther is any way by which 404 errors are redirected without causing overload on server or help me in resolving the problem.

    If i see in stats most of the ips who try to open non existing urls are referred by :


    Please some one help me to come out of this attack and let me know if u need further information for debug.

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