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  • Hi, I recently instaled WordPress and everything has been working smoothly… about 2 days ago. For some reason, my right column and basically anything meant to appear on the right side of my blog no longer do. They always appear at the bottom of my blog… no matter what theme I use.

    Can anyone help? I tried searching through the forums first to see if someone has experienced this. Maybe I’m using the wrong keywords, but I haven’t found anything so far.


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  • You have a lot of css validation errors. If everything was working until 2 days ago, do you remember what you installed of chenged at that time?

    What happened is common. When you use CSS to build a template, the wheels fall off if you make the tiniest changes.

    This is why the arrogance of CSS annoys me.

    What is happening is that the browser is wrapping based upon the fact that the column wont fit the width defined by your CSS file for the sidebar area. So the whole column gets wrapped to the next place it can be deposited, the bottom of your content area.

    Narrow the width of the content area, and the sidebar areas of the CSS file. If the sidebar is too wide, it pops out of the area defined by CSS – so CSS is weak in this regard. May need to clean up the shitty WordPress theme and fix it with position absolute statements in the CSS file.

    Also, if WordPress stuffs a shitload of div center commands at the bottom of a post, you’ll get this problem also. Go into the posts and clean out the excess div center commands that WordPress uses for carriage returns. Or too many p commands also. The wordpress programmers can’t even think of using something as simple as a BR.

    The highly inefficient use of a “div center” command is proven when you can just use the old CENTER or LEFT, RIGHT HTML commands – less page code, less crap to reinterpret in the browser.

    I cannot believe how sloppy the code is in WordPress.

    WordPress Css is carefully designed and is spot on out of the box.

    While it is true that one minor Css error can cause real heartache, we have to remember that with no Css, you’d be hand coding thousands of pages. Css is a beautiful thing, although you might not think so if your websites got errors.

    WordPress is not coded sloppily, the Css offers every angle you need. If you want to add a break, I can see your point, but all you need to do is release a hack so that breaks are added, or paragraphs taken away and so on.

    Remember also that the css works with the html, so you need to position each div in the html so that it is called up in the right order.

    A link to the website affected would be nice, and we can download the Css file that way and maybe work it out.

    I appreciate everyone’s response and insight on CSS and the causes of the errors I am dealing with.

    My apologies, the url is

    I even tried switching themes. Whatever happened, seems to have effected other files than the theme files because every theme so far is doing the same thing.

    Thank you,

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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