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    Yesterday all was ok, but now Facebook Page does not work. But I did not change anything.

    When I try to select my fan page (of course I am creator and administrator of this page), I got this:

    “Some or all access permissions are missing. Please click the button Grant access rights! and authorize the plugin to post to your Facebook profile or page.

    Your page or profile’s access permissions could not be verified.”

    But if I change Page or profile ID to my personal wall it works fine but it is not needed.

    Why plugin gone wierd? What was happened? Simple Facebook Connect works for me fine right now with same settings…

    Please help me…

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  • Hi,
    Same problem here. Suddenly, I can’t get linked to my FB fanpage.

    same here, pls fix

    2. Publishing > Page or profile ID > MY PROFILE ID

    If I use personal profile id = Plugin 0.3.5 Work!

    2. Publishing > Page or profile ID > MY FANPAGE ID

    BUT If I use fanpage profile id = Plugin 0.3.5 NOT Work!

    same here even i uninstalled the plugin and make a new application on fb but still the same error occur…?? hey guy zzz can any 1 help me out

    For now I have followed nadiamode tip and shared my publication on the fanpage afterwards.
    It is helping but not solving.

    Facebook Page Publish is not set up.
    Please check your plugin settings.

    It is working to publish on your profil page, not fanpage. Try to put your profil ID.

    Hi, same problem here. I am no longer able to publish to my fan page. Any idea how to solve this issue? It doesn’t matter how many times I click on Grant Premissions, it still doesn’t work.

    Not working for me either. My guess is Facebook changed something at their end.

    This must be something Facebook are doing as this was fixed last week and worked OK for a couple of days, but I now have the same problem again.

    I have also tried the solution by Nadiamode which works as an interim.

    Publishing > Page or profile ID > MY PROFILE ID

    If I use personal profile id = Plugin 0.3.5 Work!

    Hopefully developer can fix… again!!


    Graham Lee

    Having the same issue here as well, only mine will not accept my profile ID at all, it will only accept my page ID.

    Facebook has been tooling around with their chat application and probably several other things as well which in turn most likely caused this problem. It wouldn’t surprise me if Facebook is trying to shut down 3rd party applications from accessing features on the site without actually visiting and logging into the site via a browser.

    Plugin Author mtschirs


    Hi all of you,

    Thank you for reporting the problem, it was an official facebook error and is resolved as of today. The new version 0.3.7 should work again as expected.

    hey it start working now….but it showing the link of the image instead of image publish in post

    Plugin Author mtschirs


    Hi shaffsingh,

    Try out version 0.3.8, this might resolve your problems with the plugin.
    If not, please start a new thread with a detailed error description.


    I am using the latest version 0.3.9 and have the same issue.
    I am able to publish it on my profile page. For my fan page it gives me an error.

    Any Idea, what could this be.


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